Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Doll House, Hobby Wood and Finger Splints at Local Hardware Store

Did you ever go shopping somewhere and just stumble upon something you just didn’t expect to find there and… that well, just blows your mind?

That’s what happened at LO (cal hardware store) last Wednesday night.  We went for roof coating…for the camper. We’re in Camper MODE right now, big time!  We also needed a certain set of bolts for the tail-lights…  There I am standing… no, I was sitting on a pallet of bagged charcoal for the grill.  Yep, I parked myself right there—while he nosed around all the different drawers for bolts. When I saw this… (sorry for the glare)

ICAD WK 5- hobby wood 020

What?!  Hobby and Wood?  
What really caught my eye was the third- drawer with the picture of popsicle sticks… on the front!
Kidding, right?  Nope. 

I had to pull this drawer out and have a peek. Winking smile 

ICAD WK 5- hobby wood 017

WHOA!  Assorted sizes?!   Short ones, Long ones, and TONGUE DEPRESSORS!

Who knew this?   I live 45 mins to 1 hour from a Hobby Lobby. The Wal-Mart in our area…is limited and slightly picked over.  I mean we just only got a NEW FULL SIZED WAL-MART about 2 years ago…and a small Neighborhood Market right here in small town USA, in March! 
Hobby supplies… and of the DOLL HOUSE VARIETY… ARE IN VERY LIMITED SUPPLY ‘round these parts!  If you didn’t know, I have a Doll house, two to be exact… I putter around with them, when time allows. I’ve come to love them.

Take a look at what else I found.

ICAD WK 5- hobby wood 005

Wooden Flower Pot… got that label in the picture! 

Wooden People shapes…

ICAD WK 5- hobby wood 006

Whisky Barrels… or Barrels for whatever your brain can imagine. Doesn’t have to be whiskey.  It could be a Turkey and Christmas presents from the LONG WINTER! Winking smile (thank you, Ms. Ingalls-Wilder)

ICAD WK 5- hobby wood 007

Oh!  and MILK JUGS, TOO!  For what else?  MILK!

ICAD WK 5- hobby wood 019

Thread spools… little, not quite small enough for a doll house. But imagine the possibilities! 
 Seriously, who knew?!

ICAD WK 5- hobby wood 008

Small flat squares…

 ICAD WK 5- hobby wood 009

Small round disks… (blurry phone pic, sorry)

 ICAD WK 5- hobby wood 011

Large round disks… large being by comparison to the others, ONLY. 

ICAD WK 5- hobby wood 010

Disks, resembling small wheels, again the potential to be anything, really.

ICAD WK 5- hobby wood 012

Cube shapes…

ICAD WK 5- hobby wood 013

…And popsicle sticks!   I’m floored. I just never knew these little items were in THAT STORE!

ICAD WK 5- hobby wood 014

ICAD WK 5- hobby wood 015

ICAD WK 5- hobby wood 016

I’m going to go the extra mile and say… these tongue depressors might work for a lot of things… but they might not be sterile!!! (or, splinter -free)  So, I don’t recommend using these to, uh…DEPRESS ANYONE’S TONGUE, OKAY?!
These are in the HOBBY WOOD drawer… marked HOBBY and WOOD.  Not the FIRST AID drawer… though, you could use it to set a busted finger probably. If you had some duct tape, that is in the paint department. Winking smile 

‘Til next time, shop around-
You never know what you might find!



Claudia said...

Great find! You're right --- who knew?


Diane said...

Fun discovery! Going to make anything??

Shug said...

Great for you.....I sure would have enjoyed seeing your face when you found all these finds..
Keep us posted on what you do with all these things....Blessings..

Kris said...

Oh how fun! I am missing my blog, and all of my blogging pals. I hope to be back in the saddle again soon.
XO Kris

The Boston Lady said...

I think you hit pay dirt!!! Hope you are doing ok. You are still in my thoughts always. All ok here is the crazy state. Lol ann

Connie said...

What a great new discovery. I'm sure that your head is spinning with new ideas:)

My Repurposed Life said...

I love local hardware stores just for this reason! Ours actually has a post office in it. Makes it easy for my one stop shopping!

I found something I didn't know they had recently, and I was giddy! wine corks!

thanks for sharing Patricia.... I understand your happiness. :)