Sunday, May 1, 2016

Lavender and Mush for Brains-


I found this lavender colored beauty blooming out near the storm shelter (a small cluster of Iris’ grow there and are barely attended).

It caught my eye out there in a sea of green!  Almost all our flowers have bloomed on our property—so it was a pleasant surprise.


It’s the first week in May already and it’s the last week of school…

I’ve got all my ART assignments turned in and I’m waiting on the grades to post.

My last History class will be Tuesday, we take the final and maybe find out a grade for our last assignment—a paper.  I hope he tells us the grade.  I don’t want to have to email him for it. There is no online element for that class (someplace I can log in and check my grades)… that’s the one draw back. However, I can log into the College page (where my transcript is)  and see my Final Grade for the semester—later. in. the. month.  Don’t like the wait.   My history teacher is 30—and has a Ph.D. already and has been teaching 10 years! He’s very laid back—though, I didn’t much care for him at first. I find him interesting … and am considering taking him next Fall for the other half of History.

It all depends on my Math class…duhn-dun-duh!!!!

I have two tests to take this week. The last chapter test and the final.  More than likely,I’ll take one test tomorrow. The cut-off to take the final in math is Thursday. I’ll be glad when it’s over.

I’m up late tonight—was studying and reviewing… my brain hurts from all the figures! I have the hardest time keeping it all straight.

Right now I have MUSH FOR BRAINS.

‘Til next time- bloom where you’re planted



Audrey said...

Lovely color Iris. My Iris are real pretty this year, but about done by now. Looks like you are meeting your challenge of your college studies. Good for you !!! Hope your grades turn out to be better than you are expecting.

Ann said...

I just noticed my iris starting to poke up through the ground. We're so far behind with flowers this year.
My brain would be more than mush with all that studying and tests.

Kristina said...

I wondered how your schooling was going. Enjoy your week.

NanaDiana said...

Beautiful iris. I have some lemon yellow ones that always look like the sun is shining on them. You are doing great with your studies. Good for you!!!!! You do NOT have mush for brains---you IS smart! lol xo Diana

My Repurposed Life said...

mush for brains... I totally get that. I've been learning so much stuff for my podcast that brain is mush too!

Wishing you all the best for the end of the school year!