Thursday, April 25, 2013

:: Letters of Importance ::

Last week I shared a little bit with you about some the things we've substituted in the name of progress or simplicity.
Most everyone agreed that we don't remember phone numbers we used to. Some of us said we'd better write those numbers down in a safe place. Did you?  I did not. But I'm going to, I promise! 

DL from Frugal Hacks commented and brought up the fact EMAIL has been substituted for handwritten letters and pretty paper...

I agree.
It got me thinking.

I didn't remember the last time I got a handwritten letter.
Then... It brought to mind ... a birthday card I received in my mail box back in March.
I was so happy to get it. 

Let's face it we all like getting mail that doesn't require a response being "the check is in the mail".

Today I read a post at  Lydia's Post  "Neither Rain nor Shine" by
Diane, who creates really neat Collage Art... and Tags with paper ephemera (things originally meant to be discarded after use) 
...again, THINKING! 

Which brings me to this letter. I found IT while cleaning out some things recently ...It is from my Mom. She wrote it almost 9 years to the day before she died.

It was just a small 1 line note from her, with a poem she copied and included.

Do not ask to have your life's load lightened, 
But for courage to Endure.
Do not ask for fulfillment in all your life, 
But for patience to accept frustration. 
Do not ask for perfection in all you do, 
But for the wisdom not to repeat mistakes. 
And finally, do not ask for more, Before saying "Thank You" 
for what you have already received. 
~Brenda Scott

She wrote this note to me at a time in my life that was probably one of the most difficult times I'd ever faced.

We were 3 mos. into chemotherapy with ,my then, 2 year old son. I had a 2 week old baby ; and we had just gotten custody of my husbands two daughters from his previous marriage. One of which had special needs and came to live with us while the son was STILL IN THE HOSPITAL and I was still pregnant.
You can see why I kept this letter, huh? I needed this encouraging word from Mom. 

Besides...I love looking at the formation of the words on the page. Words that my Mom wrote in her own hand. She had beautiful handwriting. It's hard to tell, but she was left handed. She always dated her notes, cards, and letters. You can't tell really, but this is written on yellow legal pad. My mom wrote on whatever she had...she could always scrounge up a piece of paper to write a note, even if she didn't have any proper stationary.

Don't get me wrong...

Emails are nice. But it is lovely to go outside to the mail box and collect a letter from someone who just wants to send you a note of encouragement. Maybe the letter you get is the last letter you might receive from that person.
 Did you ever see the movie THE POSTMAN w/ Kevin Costner. (one of my favorites) ...this movie is described as --a man, having found the skeleton of a postman dons his postal uniform and sets out to deliver the letters in the bags bringing HOPE to survivors of a post-apocalyptic America.
That is what I think it does for me to read old letters from the past. It inspires me; and it gives me some hope.
I have my Mom's last Christmas card to us. The Christmas Card is tucked inside our Holiday Memory Book along with some of the others that have special meaning.I keep many of the cards and things in a tin box.  Is it silly to hang onto these things?

I know people complain that the price of a stamp just keeps going up.
But really, if all you had was a stamp... it is a small price to pay to send someone a little cheer or to show your appreciation,  in the form of a handwritten letter.

Just today, we received a post card. What for most people would be from an unlikely source; for us ...our mechanicis known to send cards!  He's closing his business and moving out of state.

he had them printed, but still...It really is the thought that counts in my opinion.

So what about you.
Do you get mail; cards, letters, etc- still?
Do you send mail ...still?

Do you miss it?
Don't you think this is something we should keep doing?
I do.

Whatsoever things are True, Whatsoever things are Noble, Whatsoever things are Right, Whatsoever things are Pure, Whatsoever things are Lovely, Whatsoever things are Admirable; If anything be of good Repute, think on these things. ~ Philippians 4:8


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

What a sweet treasure from your mother! I do try to send personal thank you cards and notes, and have sent Christmas cards ever year for the last 40 years...

Diane said...

Lovely post-- and than you for the mention. I've also kept letters from friends and relatives from long ago. So nice to remember the handwriting of ones no longer with us. By the way, my mom was lefthanded too and had really beautiful printing and handwriting. These type of notes are so much more than personal, and does anyone really "keep" an email??

David said...

Very nice post. I know every time I go to the mailbox I am thinking 'please don't be bills', but I am never thinking about letters from a loved one. My wife (Diane of Lydia's Post fame) is one of the few people I know who writes letters. I have kept every letter, note and card from her since we were married a 'few' years ago. I also keep all the notes and cards from our daughter. There is talk about eliminating cursive writing in schools. That is a shame because that is such a personal way of communicating. I think that is why we keep our notes, cards and such. Thanks for the post and the nice comments about Lydia's Post. Have a happy Friday.

The Boston Lady said...

What a wonderful letter to still have from your dear mother. And hanging on to it silly? No way. I have lots of old cards and letters from various people in my life, I hung on to them for the memories. Can't really do that with email.

Although I like the convenience of email, nothing beats getting a card or written letter in the mail. It takes a little extra effort, but it seems to hold so much more meaning, in my opinion. We are losing our willingness, I think, to put in that little extra effort, take the extra minute for someone.

Sorry you had that very difficult time, but so glad your mom shared that uplifting sentiment. She sounds like she was a wonderful mom and person. Ann

Diane said...

Typo alert: should read "Thank" you!